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Hey everyone! I apologize, (I’m going to post this on all my blogs) but I haven’t been getting any notifications for messages— I haven’t been ignoring you, I just only noticed them tonight. I’m working like crazy full time and trying to move into a new house AND get ready for my trip up to Canada, so please bear with me. Thanks!



I hope everyone can forgive me for my long absence. Every day is a bit of a struggle to get things done. I’m going to be mostly away until July 2nd, and hopefully after I’ll have a happier sense of self and be able to answer everyone and talk with everyone about their spiritual stuff. But right now, I need to deal with my own troubles before I can help anybody. I gotta get my effects in order.
I apologize sooo much.


Seasons of Life Prayer


Interestingly enough, also at service, we prayed a new prayer we don’t usually do in service, here it is from the prayer book

We lift our eyes and see
Heaven soaring high and clear.
We bow our heads and feel
Rich earth spreading far and deep.

Stars and planets travel through space,
and the eternal Source of Life
Gives birth to all, nurtures all, blesses all.

The Earth receives these blessings and brings forth
Beautiful green mountains and clear blue waters.

Yet time passes and seasons change, transforming all things.
As petals fall, grasses wither, and winter winds blow,
Our bodies return to earth, our spirits to Kami.

The span of each life is beyond our understanding,
Kami’s workings are mysterious and profound.
But we find comfort in knowing
That “Heaven and Earth” is our eternal home
That Kami’s love is infinite and beyond measure,
And Kami’s protection embraces all.

How wonderful to bask in this Divine Favour! 
For this we give thanks,
With sincerity and devotion,
Practicing faith and acquiring virtue.
We give thanks to the Source of Life
And praise the infinity of “Heaven and Earth”,
Our eternal home.


Anonymous asked:

Hey, I am interested in your faith, it seems so unique and fits my possible beliefs,may I ask if you have an e-mail address to maybe discuss things at?

Hi there! Sorry for the slow reply, June is about to get really busy for all of us..! @__@
You can email me at, if you’d like. :)

The Konko Creed - 2012 Young Adult Version

We believe in Tenchi Kane no Kami,
the Divine Parent of the Universe.

Our founder Konko Daijin,
embraced Kami’s revelations
and as divine mediator unraveled the
mellifluous tones of Kami
for the people to cradle eternal mediation

We too can hear the calls of Kami
within each of us
No matter the faintest of cries
the sincerity within our hearts
find a thread of guidance to those who need it.

From moment to moment
our continuing goal
is to realize Kami within each of us

Kami is in everyone as we are in Kami
We grant Kami’s wish for happiness for others
as Kami does for us.
Kami relies on us as much as we rely on Kami
to be happy

We give thanks for Kami’s blessings —
mysterious, wondrous, and mundane.
Blessings begin with our own hearts,
Hearts filled with harmony and joy.

We live our Faith in service and appreciation
to Kami, each other, and our world —
nurturing and nurtured, mutually fulfilled.

We honour our divine ancestral spirits,
their hearts twined with the threads of Kami.
To the ends of time they will continue to
protect and guide us
under their wings of purity

We have respect and appreciation for all paths people can follow for their spiritual happiness and well-being.
The happiness of everyone
is Kami’s greatest wish.

Today and everyday we practice our faith
sincerely, and wholeheartedly
trusting Kami with our prayers and worries
finding serenity within ourselves

From the 2012 Young Adult Seminar

August 8-10, 2012

Konko Churches of North America

Foresthill, California

Who is Tenchi Kane no Kami?



This is the deity whose workings are felt throughout the entire universe and in the very lives of all human beings. This is the name of the deity that Konkokyo believers worship.

Tenchi Kane No Kami is the parent Kami of all humanity. This Kami’s love and grace has and continues to envelope all of humanity and all other forms of life, regardless if they are dead or alive.

Although the workings of Tenchi Kane No Kami extend throughout the Universe, Kami is also fostering and watching over humanity as well as other living entities. Kami’s wish is for all living things to accept and perform the role that has been allocated to them, during their lifetime and after.

The Founder (Konko Daijin) also called Tenchi Kane No Kami as “Tenchi No Kami-Sama,” “Oyagami-Sama,” “Kami-Sama,” and “Kami.” In English, our deity is called “Divine Parent of the Universe,” “Principle Parent,” “Parent Kami,” “Kami-Sama,” or “Kami.” Although a male pronoun (He) is used for linguistic convenience, it does not signify the gender of the deity.


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